Liberty & Freestyle Clinic with Neil Pye

From NZD $900.00
  • Duration: 3 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Glenorchy, Otago
  • Product code: PWLTWU

The art of Liberty can be summed up!  “When you take the halter and lead rope off, all that’s left is the truth”

Liberty is the ultimate test of your connection.

For the Horse;

Liberty helps your horse work on his gymnastic improvement and overall athletic capability. By creating good self carriage without a rider, a horse develops better posture and movement overall, which translates very well to the saddle.

For the Human:

Playing at Liberty helps you develop more control over your energy. As your horse learns to follow your suggestion, you learn how to be more effective and clear in making your suggestion. You learn the exact amount of energy it takes to get your horse out at a trot and at a canter, you also learn how to be more precise in your body language when you want your horse to back up, come forward, change direction, or make transitions.

Experience how your connection on the ground sets you and your horse up for Freestyle Riding, with or without a saddle…. a strong connection at Liberty can be the difference that makes the ‘difference’


Cost: $900 

Early Bird price: $825 if paid in full by 1st of August 2024. 

Prerequisites for this course: To set you up for success in these subjects, you would need to have completed a minimum of level 1 in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program and ideally be progressing through the level 2 course material.  This pathway can be found and followed step by step here:

This event will be followed by 2 days of advancing horsemanship for levels 3+. These two days will be a smaller, more exclusive clinic. Please talk to us if you’d like to book all 5 days!